SmartCard Application System

In a school environment, smartcard can be integrated with student management system, time attendant, pickup, cashless transactions for student meal and bookstore purchase.

The card can be integrated and deploy to serve different function and purposes such as access card, visitor pass, student card, and staff pass.

Card Application Life Cycle Management System

The smartcard system has been designed and developed based on open-architecture. It has the flexibility to configure any database, import / export data, integrate and generate reports.

    Featured Application
  • Card Personalisation
    - Card Issuance / Re-issuance
    - Graphical Personalisation on card
  • System management
    - Keep track of profiles
    - User privileges access control
    - Transaction management
    - Import / Export of data
    - Management report generator


E-Purse Management System (EPurS) enables cashless environment thus removing the laborious task of cash handling, eliminate leakages and improving accountability with automated reports and audit trail. EPurS supports various cards, readers and devices.

    Main Features:
  • Server Module
    - Item and Vendor Management
    - Activity Tracking
    - Top Up and Transaction Management
  • PC POS Client Module
    - Item Selections and Calculation
    - Cash and Card Payment
    - Report

Visitor Management System (ViMS)

The system automates the capture of information from MyKad, thus provides validation of visitor and remove potential human error in keying visitor information

    Main Features:
  • Quick and Easy Registration
  • Visitor Card/Paper Badge Printing
  • Visitor Form/Slip Issuance
  • Photo Capture
  • Blacklist Unwanted Visitor
  • Pre Appointment Management

  • Reporting

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