Software Development

Experienced and dedicated engineer team

We already have the algorithms, workflow processes and libraries ready for the modules needed by customer. Our GUI designers and software engineers are experts that work together with you in every step of the process as a dedicated product team to solve your most complex problems according to the framework in the Implementation Methodology. Our collaborative approach across organizations fosters to improve on business processes rather than just programming based on specifications.

Experience track record

DBIX has over 20 years of experience and proven track record in deploying

  • critical mission web based solutions (e.g. SingHealth Singapore (2000 users)
  • FOMEMA (4000 users)
  • CitiBank (1000 users)
  • MAXIS (3000 dealers and over 5 million users)
  • Ministry of Education (30,000 users)
  • Western Digital (2000+ users for SSO)
  • Omron Malaysia (300 users), MDEC (200 users)

Business process improvement expertise

Our Team also has the diverse technical expertise & improve customer's business processes e.g. Fomema, automatic failover script emulating Oracle RAC thus reducing licencing costs, Citibank requires secure PDA application, SingHealth requires Doctors posting from 30 days to less than minutes, Star Cruises in reducing soft count from 7 hours within minutes, etc.

Implementation Methodology

  • Phase 1 : Vision Scoping

    Clarification of any business objectives, systems and architecture specifications, determine project scope and major milestone. Establish project team and identify individual skills and roles to implement the technologies and solutions. This will happen in parallel to Vision Scoping. At the end of this stage, we will be able to deliver the final scoping for the project.

  • Phase 2 : Requirements Definition

    This will include a detail study of specific user requirements, perform risk assessment, plus understanding of the application integration, network infrastructure and security policy.

  • Phase 3 : Conceptual Design and Prototype

    GUI review and functional flow prototyping. Conduct security planning, define backup and restore procedure.

  • Phase 4 : Development, Implementation and Testing

    Development, design and install applications and server, integrate security planning, backup and restore procedure. This will be highly depended upon the readiness of the required hardware.

  • Phase 5 : User Acceptance Test and Training

    User training for DMT, user manual and UAT Sign Off.

  • Phase 6 : Post Implementation Review

    Project Sign Off and Handover, Total Project Implementation Review.

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