Affordable Yet Practical School Management System

ixCAMPUS is a comprehensive web-based platform school management system hosted in highly secured international data centre. This platform centralizes school administrative modules, designed to provide real time access, reports generation and information across all devices.

Core Modules

Fundamental Block

Basic yet practical function in your fingertips.

  • Multiple user and role
  • Finance & Billing
  • Extra Curriculum & Activities (ECA)
  • Classes and Groups
  • Intuitive Dashboard


Managing prospects and students relationships involved with recruitment or admissions.

    Main Features:
  • Basic Leads Information
  • Placement Test Information
  • Agent/Referral/Event Management
  • Feedback Management
  • Helpful Marketing Reports


Central of student information, handling variety of academic tasks including registration, class allocation, disciplinary record and completion certificate generation.

  • Student Registration
  • Student Basic Information and Academic Records
  • Class Allocation
  • Leaving Certificate Creation
  • Registrar Reports


Provide fast access and centralized teaching management to Class Profiling, Lesson Planning, Attendance, Mark Book and Extra Co-Curriculum Development

  • Student Academic Information
  • Teacher Information & Schedule
  • Attendance Marking and tracking by home room, time period or subject
  • Online Gradebook
  • Student Promotion
  • Record Marks
  • Customized Report Cards
  • Reports (more than 10 type)


Simple & Straight forward fee tracking module that helps you set up billing template defining the fee, deliver payment notifications and record payments effectively.

    Main Features:
  • Flexible Fee Structure & Billing Template
  • Invoice Issuance for Individual Student or By Batch Process
  • Instant Cash Payment
  • ECA Payment
  • Credit Note Issuance & Tracking
  • Comprehensive Financial Reports in Real Time
  • Integration ready with SQL accounting module


ixPTP is a Learning Management System (LMS) known for its user-friendliness, cloud-based and painless adoption. We believe ixPTP makes teaching and learning easier, bridging the gap between teachers and parents. Access the system using browser anywhere anytime via the internet.

  • Messaging

    Online communication platform with reminders and messaging between Teachers & Students/Parents, also comes with Private Messaging function.

  • Content Publication

    Upload and download Learning Materials, Homework, Assignment Postings

  • Announcement

    Automated wide notification for School Announcements (Important Notes, Event, Billing Alerts & etc...)


SmartCard Systems

ixCAMPUS is integrated with one of the local highly credible SmartCard system which being use by many international schools and multinational corporations.

It removes the redundancy of student and parent data to the lowest level.


Integrated application:
  • Student card issuing management system,
  • Visitor management system,
  • Time attendance,
  • Parents pick up,
  • Payment
  • Meal plan
  • School library system

  • Back Office Accounting System

    Extend your all your sales collection data from ixCAMPUS to your back office accounting software up to the GL level to drive efficiency. ixCAMPUS is currently integrated with SQL accounting software, and it can be integrated to any accounting system*

    Note: *subject to the availability of 3rd party accounting software.

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